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Waterjet Cutting

Our services are ideal for a variety of Industries such as After-Market Automotive, Engineers, Sign Writers, Glaziers, the Rubber and Plastic's industries.

We now have the facility to provide a superior cutting service to all industry, to back this up we have the Trade expertise to Fabricate and finish if required.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, most cost-effective solution to your machining needs. Call us to discuss your specifications or email your design and we will provide a quote.
Cut Anything With Precision
With the MAXIEM abrasive waterjet we can provide complex cutting of virtually any material. This state-of-the-art technology offers flexibility and fast turnar
ound from prototype to production. Get the results you need with technology that cuts smooth, precise edges in any two dimensional shape.
Competitive Cost

• Prototypes, production or limited runs on short notice
• High quality parts with smooth edges do not need secondary processing

Flexibility & Speed

• Produce directly from DXF Files, CAD Files, Scanned Images, or Adobe Illustrator files.
• No stresses or heat-effected zones.
• Stack Cutting of Multiple Sheets.

Machinery Capability

• Capable of ±.002" (0.050 mm) repeatability
• 0.4mm - 150mm - Sheet Size 1500 x 3000

What Can We Cut...

We can provide waterjet cutting services for a wide range of materials such as

• Aluminium
• Stainless Steel
• Mild Steel
• Hardened Tool Steel
• Copper • Brass
• Rubber
• Foam
• Plastic
• Titanium
• Carbon Fiber
• Alubond (Sign Ply)
• Wood
• Glass
• Tile
• Stone

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